Sourcing returns at the intersection of scale, sustainability and access

Growth is determined by the connection of knowledge and network. HalBar Partners utilizes our expertise to locate potential investments that are operationally sound, revenue stable, and in need of useful resources to scale operations and generate return potential.

Why HalBar Partners

Through a comprehensive search, we construct a diversified portfolio of investments positioned for an infusion of leadership, capital and technology. From adapting existing SaaS advantages to incorporating emerging AI benefits, our partners elevate deliverables faster, better and stronger for more productive outcomes that scale an existing operation’s already valuable income stream. We deliver that value to our investors by isolating and accessing these proprietary opportunities to exclusively contribute growth to your investments.

HalBar Partner’s advantages are simple: we source from a distinct network of experts to work with partners who are experienced, readied, adapting and have the most potential to create an impact.

HalBar Growth-Equity Strategies

“Thesis-led” means our investments are first and foremost growth-equity opportunities for investors that have the added benefit of sustainability in the broadest sense of building a lasting future. Returns today matter. Wise investments that sustain for future generations also matter today. It’s just good business.


HalBar offers secondary market advisory services through an experienced network of founders, entrepreneurs, and cash-flow operating companies. Secondary transactions may lead to liquidity for entrepreneurs and provides investors access to proprietary secondary investments.

HalBar ETA seeks to invest in profitable firms with demonstrated upside through professional management placement, increased revenues and margins, and the multiple expansion that occurs between early-stage middle-market firms and later-stage middle-market firms.

HalBar’s decarbonization focus utilizes vertical integration in the lumber supply chain to localize the manufacturing and distribution footprint of Carbon Smart Wood for immediate capital deployment and investment growth potential.

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