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Supply Chains Nationally


At HalBar, we aim to invest in a sustainable future. Our Carbon Smart Strategy contains lucrative partnerships, exclusive technology, and immediate growth potential in an untapped market.

What is

Carbon Smart

Locally Salvaged:

Sourced from trees that were not harvested, but instead fallen naturally from disaster, disease, development, or decay.

Locally Processed:

Chain of custody transparent and enabled by Traece technology which allows clear insight into the source tree and makers behind every board.

Reinvests in local trees:

A minimum 15% of all Carbon Smart Wood sales profits support critical tree canopy restoration.

Wood is Big Business

Inline with macroeconomic trends of procuring a more sustainable future, our decarbonization strategy targets the $200bn lumber industry that is longing for disruption.

Partner with HalBar and leading companies sourcing Carbon Smart Wood in providing carbon smart dimensional lumber at scale, and be the first to do it.

Meet the Carbon Smart Strategy Team

Ben Christensen

Nate Wasson

General Partner, Carbon Smart Strategy

Ben Christensen

Ben Christensen

General Partner, Carbon Smart Strategy

Matthew Dripps

Managing Director, Carbon Smart Strategy

Naim Farah

Naim Farah

Bristol Reports, Carbon Smart Strategic Partner

Jeff Cohen

Cambium Carbon, Carbon Smart Strategic Advisor

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